Appliance Removal In San Luis Obispo

We are the junk removal service to call when you need appliance removal in San Luis Obispo and the rest of the Central Coast. We pick up all types of appliances.

Looking For Appliance Removal In San Luis Obispo?

The Junk Takers In SLO Has Got You Covered
Appliance Removal In San Luis Obispo

We Pick It Up For You

There is no need to strain yourself lifting up that old appliance & hauling it off to the dump. Our guys are pros at lifting heavy items.

Affordable Pricing

Every dump will have a disposal fee for old appliances. That we can't change but our service up picking up & hauling away is affordable. Call us for a quote today!

Friendly Crew

Our crew is laid back & super friendly. We treat our customers as if we were hauling junk away for our own mom's house! Call us and see how easy it is to work with us.

What Types Of Appliances Do We Remove?

We Take It All! Here's A Small Sample Of Our Furniture Removal in San Luis Obispo...

Old Dishwashers

Got an old dishwasher that has used its last little pod of Cascade detergent lying around? Has it been replaced with a quieter version of itself? We can haul that old one away for you and get it out of your life.

Broken Microwaves

Do you have an old, broken down, microwave that has heated up its last frozen burrito? It will be hard to part with the memories & countless bags of popcorn it popped for you, but all good things have to come to an end.

Washers & Dryers

Many of the appliance pick-ups we do in San Luis Obispo are old washers & dryers. A dynamic duo when they are first brought into a home, but after thousands of loads & countless lefts socks lost in the dryer, they all eventually break.

Old Refrigerators

Oh, the number of adult beverages that old faithful fridge in the garage has chilled for you over the years. Chilling drinks & storing forgotten leftovers for years. Finally quit on you? Needs to go? We take care of it for you.

Old Ranges

Those old ranges & stovetops are some real workhorses. The number of meals it has cooked up over the years has been enough to feed an army. But, like all things, they eventually break down & have to go. We pick these up too.

Any Old Appliance

Look, we pick up any type of old appliance. Even the ones sitting in the backyard that have weeds growing on them & ones that look like swiss cheese from bullet holes put into them for target practice. Give us a call!

Here Is What To Expect When You Contact Us…

Step #1 - Call Us

Get in contact with us at 805-556-4983 and give us some information of the appliance you need removed. We will then schedule you to set up a appliance removal service with us. We will set up a time and day that will best fit your schedule.

Step #2 - We Schedule You

On the day that we are scheduled to go, we give you a friendly reminder call about 15 to 20 minutes before we arrive. We know how life can creep on us and make us forget things so we like to do that so we don't catch any of our customers unprepared.

Step #3 - We Give You A Quote

When we show up to your property all you have to do is point us in the direction of the unit that you need to be hauled away and then just let us get to work and do the heavy lifting for you. We work fast and you will be rid of your appliance before you even know it.

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Who We Are

The Junk Takers In SLO are here to efficiently, responsibly, and affordably remove unwanted debris to improve the cleanliness of your property in San Luis Obispo and the entire Central Coast.

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