Small Demolition In San Luis Obispo

Use our small demolition in San Luis Obispo to break down large items like hot tubs, sheds, storage sheds, and even concrete slabs and wood decks.

Looking For Some That Does Small Demolition In San Luis Obispo?

The Junk Takers In SLO Has Got You Covered
Providing Small Demolition In San Luis Obispo

Skilled Demolition

Small demolition projects can be intimidating and difficult to tackle on one's own. Fortunately, our company is dedicated to providing services that make small demolition in San Luis Obispo hassle-free and efficient. All of our team members are knowledgeable in all aspects of the small demolition process, so you can trust your project is completed safely and correctly.

Affordable Pricing

We provide our customers with dependable services by doing safe, quick, and clean work without fail. Whether it be the remodeling of an existing home or the construction of an entirely new structure, we are here to make sure any demolition job is done precisely and efficiently. Our friendly staff will do whatever it takes to make sure you get the results you need!

Local Business

As part of your experience, you will be surrounded by knowledgeable and inviting staff who are ready to tackle the job head-on and with utmost care. Small demolition projects never have to feel like a chore when you work with us - we prioritize speed and quality so you get the most bang for your buck. Come see why we stand out and enjoy being part of the Central Coast.

Curious To The Types Of Items We Demo?

Here's A Small Sample Of Our Small Demolition In Sn Luis Obispo...

Concrete Slabs

With experience and the right equipment, our team is here to help get the job done efficiently. We can safely break down concrete slabs in no time, and take care of any necessary hauling away. From small home renovations to larger commercial projects, our small demolition services have you covered.

Hot Tub Removal

Here at The Junk Takers, we have the means necessary to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. We provide top-notch equipment for breaking down those old hot tubs and all that follows in hauling them away. If you have an unsightly hot tub or jacuzzi taking up space in your backyard, look no further than our reliable services for a stress-free removal.

Fence Removal

Small demolition projects like replacing an old fence don't have to be a headache. We can help make the process smoother by breaking down your existing fencing for you and hauling it away. Our experienced team will ensure that your project is completed quickly and efficiently, so that you can move on to more important items.

Remodel Projects

Small demolition can be one of the most time-consuming parts of getting a room ready for renovation. From breaking down cabinets and drywall to taking apart shelving, it requires precision and an understanding of the task at hand. We specialize in this type of small demolition to make sure that your remodeling project gets off on the right foot. Great service for commercial business..

Decks & Patios

Small demolition jobs like removing a deck or patio can seem overwhelming, but our experienced team is here to make the process easier. We bring the right tools to take down your unwanted structure quickly and efficiently. A simpler solution than tackling the job yourself, you can count on us for a safe and stress-free project every time.

Storage Sheds

Whether it's breaking down old storage sheds or clearing out your backyard, our experienced team can help make light work of the process. We take care of getting rid of all the debris and make sure you don’t have to worry about hauling it away yourself. Contact us today if you’re looking for a reliable partner to help with your small demolition project.

Here Is What To Expect When You Contact Us…

Step #1 - Call Us

Get in contact with us at 805-556-4983 and give us some information on your small demolition project. We will then schedule you to set up service with us. We will set up a time and day that will best fit your schedule.

Step #2 - We Schedule You

On the day that we are scheduled to go, we give you a friendly reminder call about 15 to 20 minutes before we arrive. We know how life can creep on us and make us forget things so we like to do that so we don't catch any of our customers unprepared.

Step #3 - We Give You A Quote

When we show up to your property all you have to do is point us in the direction of the demo work that needs to be done. Then, just let us get to work and do the work for you.We work fast and you will be rid of your junk before you even know it.

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If you’ve got something large in need of breaking down, look no further than the Junk Takers In SLO. Our small demolition service in San Luis Obispo has the crew and the know-how to tackle those difficult projects quickly and safely.

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The Junk Takers In SLO are here to efficiently, responsibly, and affordably remove unwanted debris to improve the cleanliness of your property in San Luis Obispo and the entire Central Coast.

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